Welcome to the course resources site. Here you will find descriptions and links to items of importance that were discussed during course lectures, or used in course labs.

CourseMgr Website This link to the CourseMgr website is where you will upload your homework assignments and receive your grades. Go To Resource
Textbook Website Visual Basic 2012 Companion web site for the course textbook. Contains online exercises, reinformcement videos and other chapter specific content. Go To Resource
Online Videos for Textbook Examples Use this link to view Video examples of the code examples covered in the class for each Chapter. Go To Resource
FREE VB.Net compiler (Visual Studio Express Edition) Yes Microsoft is providing you with a free VB.Net compiler that functions exactly like the Visual Studio environment at the college. It will only compile VB.Net projects (console and windows) as opposed to the complete edtion that supports VB.Net, C#, J# and ASP.Net applications. ->NOTE: scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the download button next to the vbsetup.exe <- Go To Resource
Zipping a VS2012 project How to zip the contents of a Visual Studio 2012 project Go To Resource
Homework Grading Rubric This is the grading Rubric for how your grade will be determined for each homework assignment Go To Resource
Chapter One Slides Class Slides for Session 1 - Intro Go To Resource
Chapter Two Slides Class Slides for Chapter 2 - Program and Graphical User Interface Design Go To Resource
Case Study Project Guidelines These are the guidlines for the case study projects that you will be doing for homework , especially rules about in class presentations. Go To Resource
VB Naming Standards These are the MS guidlines for naming ANYTHING within a VB project. PLEASE NOTE - these are VB6 related, however, select the 'Object Naming Conventions' for Standard Objects link for the prefixes for controls/forms AND use this list as the standard for naming your controls. NOTE - they give a button a prefix of cmd - however btn is fine for this course. Let me know of any other discrepancies. Go To Resource
Chapter Three Slides Class Slides for Chapter 3 - Program Design and Coding Go To Resource
Chapter Four Slides Class Slides for Chapter 4 - Variables and Arithmetic Operations Go To Resource
Chapter Five Slides Class Slides for Chapter 5 - Decision Structures Go To Resource
Chapter Six Slides Class Slides for Chapter 6 - Loop Structures Go To Resource
Chapter Seven Slides Class Slides for Chapter 7 - Using procedures and exception handling Go To Resource
Chapter Eight Slides Class Slides for Chapter 8 - Using Arrays and File Handling Go To Resource
Chapter Eight File in CSV format The file for Chapter 9 rearranged as a CSV Go To Resource
Chapter Ten Slides Class Slides for Chapter 10 - Incorporating databases with ADO.Net Go To Resource
Chapter Ten Data files A .zip file contating the image and the Access database for the Chapter 10 sample application Go To Resource