Course Description

Course pre-requisites :

Course caveat : The XML standard is a group of emerging technologies some of which are still being developed and therefore these parts can be in a state of flux. What is valid today may not be valid tomorrow. Some of the tools that we will use are beta versions of products that could behave unpredictably or not at all in certain circumstances. An open mind and a willingness to work in an environment that is evolving will help you get through the course.

Goals of the Course : to understand and create well-formed and valid XML documents and to process/create these documents. Additionally we will explore new XML technologies such as XHTML,XSD(Schema), and SOAP/Web Services. To reach these goals we will be using beta versions of software and various software tools available for download from the Internet as well as IE5, Visual Basic, VBScript and .Net .

Course Textbook : Beginning XML 4th Edition by David Hunter, Jeff Rafter, Joe Fawcett, Eric van der Vlist, Danny Ayers, Jon Duckett, Andrew Watt, Linda McKinnon ISBN: 978-0-470-11487-2

Grading : A final grade will be determined based on the following criteria:

Grade Scale : A final grade will be determined based on the weighted average of your grade received times the percentage of credit for that item. For example: If you attend all classes, are not late and participate in class you will get an A+ for attendance which equates to a 4.5.

Homework Assignments : There are several assignments that will be given throughout the course:

Attendance policy :