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Course pre-requisites :

NOTE - This is a programming course :

Goals of the Course : JavaScript is an easy-to-use object scripting language designed for creating rich interactive client experiences primarily within a web browser(it can also be used on the server as well as other client applications). The course introduces the student to the concepts and features of the JavaScript programming language whereby the student will acquire a solid foundation in JavaScript scripting skills as follows:

Course Textbooks :

How your grade will be determined : A final grade will be determined based on the following criteria:

Grade Scale : A final grade will be determined based on the weighted average of your grade received times the percentage of credit for that item. For example: If you attend all classes, are not late and participate in class you will get an A+ for attendance which equates to a 4.5.

Homework Assignments : There are several assignments that will be given throughout the course:

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