Course Description

Course pre-requisites :

Goals of the Course : To provide an introduction to the C# programming language. This course provides an introduction to material about C# such as: syntax, logic and GUI Controls. It not only introduces a variety of C# concepts, but also discusses User Interface programming/design. This course provides a good foundation for students wishing to learn more about .Net in courses such as .Net Framework(CIS235Y), or ASP.Net (CIS260Y).

Course Textbook : Murach's C# 2012 ISBN-13: 978-1-890774-72-1

How your grade will be determined : A final grade will be determined based on the following criteria:

Grade Scale : A final grade will be determined based on the weighted average of your grade received times the percentage of credit for that item. For example: If you attend all classes, are not late and participate in class you will get an A+ for attendance which equates to a 4.5.

Homework Assignments : There are several assignments that will be given throughout the course:

Attendance policy :